Strong distribution network in MEA

We grew our distribution channels of hotel amenities, spa products and accessories for four and five star hotels to over 300 clients in 50 cities around the world.

In addition to the amenities and toiletries, which Mamiba is most famous for, we have a large selection of products we distribute–from tableware and catering solutions to coffee and operations equipment; from art and decorative pieces by local artists to linen and OS&E.

Dedicated local contacts

As a one stop shop, we group items delivered to you, ensuring a simpler and more efficient purchasing experience.

Local Storage capacities

Mamiba’s logistic hubs around Africa ensure a higher control, a quicker and safer delivery that ensures you never run out of stock and a reduced carbon footprint caused when you request multiple overseas deliveries throughout the year.


We deliver to our clients everywhere around the world. Thanks to our hubs around the MEA region, we’ve been able to get even closer to most of our clients. We now deliver orders much quicker,  allowing our clients to save cost, time and have a reduced carbon footprint.

Distribute your products with Mamiba

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