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Commitment to quality, constantly innovating

Mamiba uses cutting edge technology in R&D and manufacturing, we innovate and create new individual solutions for every project we work on. Mamiba’s products are best known for their highest quality standards in the MEA market.


ISO 9001:2008
GMP ISO 22716
EU Regulation Standards

Consumer centric

Product Design
Dedication to Service


Natural Ingredients
Sustainable Packaging
Local Distribution Hubs

Research & Development

Packaging development

Production capacity

In-house services

Storage & Distribution

Research & Development

Our Research and Development teams are experienced, innovative and constantly updated with cutting-edge trends in the world of cosmeceuticals, lifestyle product design and technology.


Packaging development

We have worked with all kinds of packaging materials. We use sustainable materials whenever possible and offer green solutions to reduce our impact on the environment. Our Private label division allows you to create your own design with your choice of concept.


In-house Services

Injection and blow-molding machines to produce plastic packaging and accessories.

Silk-screen and pad printing for packaging and accessories.

Accessories production such as shower caps, laundry bags, shoe mitts and other.

All necessary Chemical and microbiological tests.


Storage & Distribution

We grew our distribution channels to hundreds of clients around the world. Logistic operations can be complicated and costly, from estimating demand to managing importation, clearance and storage. At Mamiba, we are in a constant effort to provide a worry-free service to our clients. Demand peaks can be unpredictable and stressful if stock is unavailable. Our door-to-door service, available in every city with a Mamiba hub solves this problem.


Integrated Hotel Supply Solutions

One Stop Shop

At Mamiba, we have a young and fresh approach with each one of our clients. We listen to a client’s story and create the best solution for them. Our flexibility and technical expertise in product design has allowed us to innovate and find new individual solutions for every property we work with. This has enabled us to adapt to different market needs.

Our Supply Chain System, we operate logistic centers in 5 main hubs around the region where our clients in these countries and neighbouring countries have access to local in-stock supplies.

private label cosmetics


Our products can be customized
to your liking.



Certified facility with highest standards in quality and control.


Supply chain & distribution

Strong distribution network for an integrated supply chain.

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