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An extraordinary guest experience begins with a great first impression and continues with every small detail. We work alongside hoteliers worldwide to help them achieve brand consistency. Mamiba is a hospitality one stop shop, a world of possibilities; the rest is all about great service.

Integrated Hotel Supply Solutions

One Stop Shop

At Mamiba, we have a young and fresh approach with each one of our clients. We listen to a client’s story and create the best solution for them. Our flexibility and technical expertise in product design have allowed us to innovate and find new individual solutions for every property we work with. This has enabled us to adapt to different market needs.

Our Supply Chain System, we operate logistic centers in 5 main hubs around the region where our clients in these countries and neighbouring countries have access to local in-stock supplies.

Who we are

At Mamiba, we believe that you should never experience a downgrade in the standard of quality of personal care products offered to you in a hotel room versus the ones you regularly use at home.

After years in the Beauty and Personal Care industry, Mamiba’s co-founders embarked on a journey into the hospitality supplies world in 2006. Both are pharmacists, with a business background, and a passion for manufacturing and creating cutting edge cosmetics formulations. They had a dream to make top quality personal care products locally available to hotels everywhere around the world, customized to each market and every taste. Our most innovative formulations have been especially demonstrated in the Professional Spa brand, Saskia.

Over the years, Mamiba grew from an  amenities manufacturer to becoming a hospitality one stop shop offering  products from toiletries, dispensers, bedding and linen to appliances and equipment, spa products, coffee, catering supplies and more. We provide an individual integrated service to our clients worldwide. We design, develop, manufacture and distribute through our hubs located in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Our philosophy & Core values

Mamiba’s core purpose is to make hotel guests feel respected and valued through every product that touches them in a hotel room, bathroom, spa, restaurant or public area. We do our utmost to make the purchasing process for our clients simpler, more efficient and stress free for hospitality buyers.

Mamiba’s passionate about serving, our inspiration has always come from hospitality leaders’ commitment to excellent service. We consider our clients’ travelers and guests to be kings and queens.

With every product that touches them, we convey utmost respect and appreciation. Every product your guest uses should be trusted. This is why, at Mamiba, we don’t only focus on esthetics, but on quality, safety and delivering the promise of consistency.

Mamiba’s core values of quality, innovation and service stem from the founders’ belief that these should be nurtured for their own sake, not merely to capitalize on a business opportunity.

Our commitment to the environment

We are committed to the environment and aim to decrease hospitality’s carbon footprint by utilizing a superior supply chain management system, offering eco-friendly alternatives for each of the products we produce.


Our clients

Mamiba has gained the trust of some of the most prestigious international perfume, cosmetics and lifestyle brands to produce and distribute their products to premium hotels. We make sure that each and every product we make delivers our promise of quality and trust to our clients. All of the ingredients and packaging material we use are handpicked from premium trusted suppliers around the world. We manufacture and distribute leading brands to hundreds of clients around the world.

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