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About us

Mamiba is a family business established in 2006. Our mission since our inception has been to excel in our research and product development to offer products of supreme quality and beauty to our clients. For 10 years, we formulated, designed and developed new products, manufactured private label brands for some of the largest names in the industry and made new friends around the world.


At Mamiba, we identify the most innovative solutions to daily challenges in the industry and deliver them to your door. We’re now known as a one stop shop for the travel and hospitality world. For each outlet in a hotel, airline or restaurant there is a product at Mamiba. We promise to deliver nothing less than excellence in product quality and service. Though primarily focused on the African and the Middle Eastern markets, we are happy to supply properties in the US and Europe.

Our philosophy & Core values

Mamiba’s core purpose is to make hotel guests feel respected and valued through every product that touches them in a hotel room, bathroom, spa, restaurant or public area. We do our utmost to make the purchasing process for our clients simpler, more efficient and stress free for hospitality buyers.

Mamiba’s passionate about serving, our inspiration has always come from hospitality leaders’ commitment to excellent service. We consider our clients’ travelers and guests to be kings and queens.

With every product that touches them, we convey utmost respect and appreciation. Every product your guest uses should be trusted. This is why, at Mamiba, we don’t only focus on esthetics, but on quality, safety and delivering the promise of consistency.

Mamiba’s core values of quality, innovation and service stem from the founders’ belief that these should be nurtured for their own sake, not merely to capitalize on a business opportunity.

Our commitment to the environment

We are committed to the environment and aim to decrease hospitality’s carbon footprint by utilizing a superior supply chain management system, offering eco-friendly alternatives for each of the products we produce.


Our clients


We produce more than 30 brands for 4 and 5 star International Hotel Chains in Africa, the Middle-East and Europe. We also serve a number of independent hotels chains, boutique hotels and health clubs.

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